Designing Math Outdoor Tasks

Frankfurt am Main, BlackCoffeePost. A mathematics trail is a path to explore mathematics, and it can be almost anywhere. GPS coordinates can be used to localise math trail tasks. The MathCityMap-Project provides opportunities for students to engage with mathematics in math trails supported by GPS-enabled mobile phones. This paper is a report of a pilot study that aims to design mathematical outdoor tasks (MCM-Tasks) for the implementation of The MathCityMap-Project in Indonesia. The research was conducted in collaboration with eight secondary schools in the city of Semarang, using a design research paradigm.
The first finding was that the MCM tasks should be authentic tasks, and the project should be fun and challenging for the task creator as well as the solvers. The tasks are designed based on theoretical studies and adjusted to the needs and conditions of mathematics education in Indonesia. After a procedure that consisted of three cycles, the final designs of the MCM tasks were created, and the tasks can be used in the implementation of The MathCityMap-Project in Indonesia.
The next questions is, ‘How can The MathCityMap-Project for Indonesia be a part of the mathematics teaching and learning activities in Indonesian secondary schools to promote students’ motivations and teachers’ mathematical beliefs?’ This question will be considered in a future study.

Keywords: The MathCityMap-Project, Math Trails, Mobile Learning, Motivation, Indonesian Secondary School


Full paper:

Cahyono, A. N., Ludwig, M, & Marée, S. (2015). Designing Mathematical Outdoor Tasks for the Implementation of The MathCityMap-Project in Indonesia. In Vistro-Yu, C. (Ed.). In pursuit of quality mathematics education for all: Proceedings of the 7th ICMI-East Asia Regional Conference on Mathematics Education, p. 151-158. Quezon City: Philippine Council of Mathematics Teacher Educators (MATHTED), Inc.

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