Supercell’s most popular mobile game “Clash of Clans” is pretty serious with gaining back a big variety of players with one of the most large upgrade this year up until now. Will this get a cozy reaction?

The wait on the October 2016 upgrade for Clash of Clans 2018 is almost over, though we have actually seen basically whatever that the update will be offering in a variety of preview. These features might either make or break it for the game, and thankfully enough, the long listing of brand-new functions rejuvenates the game for both brand-new and also old players.

Army Troop Training

The Army Troop training system has actually been spruced up and also considerably boosted. The October upgrade eliminated the need to re-train an army continuously, which really feels much more like a chore than something that enhances the gamers’ defenses.

2 armies can now be educated at the same time and also there’s a less complicated method to re-train and also make combination templates.

The video listed below supplies a more thorough explanation of the brand-new feature:

Much more Content To Explore

Clash of Clans APK Download 2018 – Those on City center 11 have actually currently reached the game’s end point, but also for those who would love to get even more of the game and also wouldn’t mind dishing a small amount of real-world cash, there are some few even more material waiting to be obtained;

  1. Mortar Degree 10
  2. Hidden Tesla Degree 9
  3. X-Bow Level 5 Upgrade
  4. Dragon Level 6 Upgrade
  5. Baby Dragon Degree 5 with 4 being offered at City center 10
  6. 25 Additional Walls

The game also obtains more core content update making the game more balanced compared to in the past. The following functions are included in the huge October Update;

  • Introducing the Bomb Tower at Town Hall 8!
  • New troop degrees: Dragon, Child Dragon, Wizard
  • New defense Degrees: X-Bow, Mortar, Hidden Tesla
  • 25 more wall pieces to Town Hall 11
  • Great deals of upgrade expenses and times lowered
  • Rebalancing, including Witch as well as Skeleton Spell lovers
  • Clan Wars loot and also Clan XP regulations reviewed
  • Proceeded harmonizing changes to Clan Wars matchmaking

Pleasant Wars

Pleasant Battles likewise brings an additional mode, which is well suited for those that would love to play on short-bursts. These type of wars can be brief sufficient and can be played by as little as 5 players on each side. source : Clash of Clans APKPure

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