The Best Visual Studio Code PHP Extensions 2018!

Microsoft Visual Studio Code is completely change my mind about Integrated Development Environment (IDE) after their first release in 2015. They definitely one of the best IDE today. In this short article, i present to you some of the best Visual Studio Code Extension for PHP Developer in 2018 (according to me).

  1. PHP Intellisense

Advanced Autocompletion and Refactoring support for PHP.  You need at least PHP 7 installed for the extension to work. You can either add it to your PATH or set the php.executablePath setting. I recommend to disable VS Code’s built-in PHP IntelliSense by setting php.suggest.basic to false to avoid duplicate suggestions.

2. PHP Debug

PHP Debug is Debug Adapter for Visual Studio Code, Feature:

  • Line breakpoints
  • Conditional breakpoints
  • Function breakpoints
  • Step over, step in, step out
  • Break on entry
  • Breaking on uncaught exceptions and errors / warnings / notices
  • Multiple, parallel requests
  • Stack traces, scope variables, superglobals, user defined constants
  • Arrays & objects (including classname, private and static properties)
  • Debug console
  • Watches
  • Run as CLI
  • Run without debugging

3. DocBlocker

DocBlocker is Visual Studio Code adds simple comments to any place. In the User Settings inside, set and modify the creator’s name or the comments template.

4. PHP Formatter

PHP Formatter is Visual Studio Code extension to Integrates phpfmt in your beloved IDE. Simple usage use F1 -> phpfmt: Format This File or keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + I which is Visual Studio Code default formatter shortcut or right mouse context menu Format Document or Format Selection.

5. Sftp

Sftp is Visual Studio Code extension to add SFTP functionality, like Upload or Download, Sync to Local or Syct to Remote features.