Designing the MathCityMap

Frankfurt am Main, BlackCoffeePost. In the last few years, several countries have seen an increase in interest in the development of outdoor education and adventure education. Various activities outside the classroom are specifically designed to improve student achievement, and integrated programmes are being developed to combine outdoor learning initiatives with traditional learning in the classroom. In 1985, Dudley Blaine developed the concept of math trails as one form of outdoor education by creating a trail in the centre of Melbourne, Australia. Math trails takestudentsoutside the classroom with the goal of creatingan atmosphere of challenge and exploration.

By combining the concept of math trailswith advanced technology in a modern learning environment, The MathCityMap-Project, developed by the MATIS I Team from the Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany, provides a new approach to an already well known idea. This project engages students in mathematics on a math trail supported by the use of GPS-enabled mobile phones. In 2013, the project expanded to Indonesia. Its implementation is motivated by the situation and problems in mathematics education in Indonesia. Read more…

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