Big Data Trends

Big Data Trends
  1. Big data culture

Manusia memproduksi beragam data yang jumlah dan ukurannya sangat besar

  • Astronomi
  • Bisnis
  • Kedokteran
  • Ekonomi
  • Olahraga
  • Cuaca
  • Financial

2. Pertumbuhan Data

kilobyte (kB) 103
megabyte (MB) 106
gigabyte (GB) 109
terabyte (TB) 1012
petabyte (PB) 1015
exabyte (EB) 1018
zettabyte (ZB) 1021
yottabyte (YB) 1024


  • Sloan Digital Sky Survey
  • New Mexico, 2000
  • 140TB over 10 years
  • Large Synoptic Survey Telescope
  • Chile, 2016
  • Will acquire 140TB every five days

Biologi dan Kedokteran

  • European Bioinformatics Institute (EBI)
  • 20PB of data (genomic data doubles in size each year)
  • A single sequenced human genome can be around 140GB in size

3. Perubahan Kultur dan Perilaku


4. Tsunami Data

  • Mobile Electronics market
    • 5B mobile phones in use in 2010
    • 150M tablets was sold in 2012 (IDC)
    • 200M is global notebooks shipments in 2012 (Digitimes Research)
  • Web and Social Networks generates amount of data
    • Google processes 100 PB per day, 3 million servers
    • Facebook has 300 PB of user data per day
    • Youtube has 1000PB video storage
    • 235 TBs data collected by the US Library of Congress

15 out of 17 sectors in the US have more data stored per company than the US Library of Congress

5. Makna dan Nilai Data

  • Data adalah entitas yang tidak memiliki arti, meskipun kemungkinan memiliki nilai
  • Data is the new oil. Data is just like crude. It’s valuable, but if unrefined it cannot really be used (Clive Humby)
  • We are drowning in data, but starving for knowledge! (John Naisbett, Megatrends, 1988

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